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Chromecast Audio
Cast the music you love from your favorite devices to the best speakers in your home. Chromecast Audio works with iPhone®, iPad®, and Android devices, plus Chromebook, Mac®, and Windows® laptops.

Your tunes on tap
Chromecast Audio streams straight from the cloud, so you can enjoy seamless high-quality sound as long as you want to, wherever there’s Wi-Fi.

Your phone is the DJ
Play, pause, and turn up the volume with your device, from any room in the house. Casting won’t drain your battery or get in the way of other activities. Answer a call, surf the web, even leave the room — all without interrupting the tunes.

Your phone is your remote
Just tap the Cast button in your music apps to hear them on your speaker. Play, pause, and turn up the volume right from your phone — all without draining your battery.

All your favorites on your best speakers
Chromecast Audio works with the apps you love, like Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Google Play Music. Listen to your favorites and discover new ones with millions of songs, podcasts, and stations to choose from.

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